A storm is brewing in Africa.

SWIKIRI is an online gathering of African creativity. It is a platform for collaboration, discussion, inspiration and exposure of visual design, art, music, writing and all forms of creative innovation. SWIKIRI is a non-commercial project run by individuals for individuals. By harnessing the potential of the web we aim to explore our influences and communicate our experiences amongst our creative community. . This is where bruthas and sistas of the streets, from the townships to the suburbs, can challenge each other by asking ourselves “what does it mean to be African?”

SWIKIRI calls on all passionate artists to take arms! SWIKIRI.com is the battleground where we can take part in projects and exhibit our work. Whether you are a designer or a musician, you have a place to share your talents and ideas. Visit www.swikiri.com and read more about how you can Get Involved. We believe that individuals make a difference.

By assimilating the rich influences of our great continent, we strive to foster the African Identity. Enough of the idle talk of politicians, let us act in the way we know how. Let us ignite the flame of creative expression. Sweet Mama Afrika!

SWIKIRI defies YOU, brother and sister, to express yourself and celebrate the character of your land. So that our friends and colleagues across the world hear our drum beat. So that they will stop and say: “The African Storm is HERE!”

Respek Afrika!


Visit SWIKIRI at www.swikiri.com to pledge your allegiance. SWIKIRI launches Fase_01 with the aims of spreading like fire and stimulating participation. We hope that creatives wishing to contribute, express their support and exhibit their work.


email: eenfo@swikiri.com
web: http://www.swikiri.com