SWIKIRI is merely a space; a road built ready for a journey. SWIKIRI needs YOU to give it life.

SWIKIRI is merely a space; a road built ready for a journey.

SWIKIRI needs YOU to give it life. It requires your messages and stories to be told in whatever medium will serve them best. There are many different means and opportunities to contribute to SWIKIRI. Projects will regularly be offered to you where you can contribute freely should you feel the challenge stirs you to test your skill. You may have an idea of your own that you feel needs to be communicated – SWIKIRI is here to expose it.

To make the contribution more streamlined, we have categorised various types and levels of participation. This provides the opportunity for you to participate according to your preferences.



Content is King. A website could have the most intuitive navigation, the fastest download speeds and the most shoo-waaa design. But if there is nothing to communicate there is nothing at all.

Without risking the limitation of terms and categories (like ‘journalists’ or ‘photographers’), we have outlined what type of content we seek – thereby leaving the creators the freedom to match their skills and not necessarily their ‘LABELS’

There are three fundamental levels of content contribution:

These three levels require varying amounts of commitment ranging from your own choice to selling your soul to SWIKIRI. Please read the requirements carefully before committing yourself.


This is a very general term for ANYONE who wishes to get involved with SWIKIRI at there OWN pace and discretion.

There will be a continual flow of submission-based projects, discussion forums, exhibits and opportunities to choose from. You will be able to share your thoughts and skills when you have the time and inclination to do so. SWIKIRI encourages you to do this as much as possible.

Essentially it is you, the participants who form the Creative community.


SWIKIRI is ideally looking for Bruthas and Sistas to provide regular content features. You should be passionate and proficient in your particular field as well as self-motivated.

*This role requires commitment and dedication - It is vital for interested people to understand the commitment required to make this a success. You might be extremely keen to assist but you should carefully judge if you have the means and time.

Without risking limiting terms and categories (like ‘journalists’ or ‘photographers’), we have outlined what type of content we seek – thereby leaving the creators the freedom to match their skills and not necessarily their ‘LABELS’

We are looking for people who can provide quality:

  • Reviews
  • Essays
  • Creative news
  • Articles
  • Photography
  • Sound
  • Technical Development

(design, art, music, film, architecture, social commentary, comics…anything else you feel will aid the cause)

Contributors will be responsible for finding and creating material for site and sharing their opinions. Contributors may take the form of moderators and affiliates.

Guests or Participants may also be invited to contribute.

How do I become a Contributor?
As mentioned before, Contributors need to be experts in their field. In order to contribute a content feature, you should provide a convincing reference of the type of work you wish to submit. (eg past interviews, articles, essays etc)

Basically you need to prove yourself!


These are specialised individuals who need to posses similar skills to that of the Khoi-San nomads of the Kalahari. Hunter-Gatherers must be experts in their field at sourcing links and news to submit to our newsfeed "messenger".

They should ideally be internet addicts and news mongers passionate about design and creativity and an interest in Africa. This is a demanding role and requires regular internet accessibility and self motivation.

There are limited positions available for these creatures and prima donnas need not apply (that is NOT to say that strong characters are frowned upon; on the contrary).

Who we are looking for? What kind of dedication do you require here?
SWIKIRI is looking for creative maniacs and workaholics; People who are so passionate about their creativity that they carry around notebooks and sketchbooks, cameras or guitars.

We aim to run the site like a regular issue magazine/e-zine. This implies that deadlines will be in place and contributors are expected to honour them.


Spread the fire. Sow the seeds.

Help expose the creativity and messages of Africa. Tell other people about SWIKIRI. Interaction through communication is the fundamental process that challenges and develops people to innovate. The more exposure achieved the greater the chance of this.

Quite often a community such as this is limited to exposure within parallel communities. It is our intention to achieve this. However, we aim to present these ideas to unlikely people too. To make them think - to question their misconceptions and prejudices.

Journalists and Press representatives, school-newspaper editors, website administrators, radio broadcasters, ANYBODY with a voice, help us inspire and inform the public.

Our Mediakit is available with information, logo’s, images and press releases.

>> view Mediakit <<


As SWIKIRI is a non-commercial entity and supported by ordinary people with full-time jobs, funding is an ongoing concern. The few people running this project finance all costs out of pocket; all work and administration is done after hours. With regular projects and competitions, prizes would be a great incentive to for participants.

Any assistance whatsoever would be welcomed and greatly appreciated and aid the uplifting of a community.

The following are examples:

  • Hosting
  • Competition prizes
  • Charity partnerships
  • Donations
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Printing for
  • posters
  • stickers
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • ...etc
  • T-shirts or other garments
  • Collaborations
  • Media share
  • Exposure

Of course these are just a few instances. If you have something to offer and are unsure if it’s suitable (it probably is!!) just get in contact.

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