Here is a list of links that consist of friends, peers, contemporaries and teachers that have in some way contributed or inspired at some stage in the development of SWIKIRI or simply worth a look. Those who don't have websites - you still get a "big hand" and you'll know who you are.

A special mention must go to the SneeferDog who pioneered the CHANT: "Eh! Eh! EH! SWI - KI - RI!" and inadvertently named what we have today.

Thank you to those who have been keeping the African flame burning bright; you guys have sown the seeds including I-jusi, Bitterkomix (Joe Dog), Brasse Vannie Kaap, certain lecturers at TUKS who spurred on the South African Identity - EISH! Toooo muuuuuch! ... and the young blood that is building the online community at the moment- SHO-SHO Magents, LAT HULLE DANS!
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